Urban Global Network

Take your business global with our world-class international fulfillment network

Powered by data and machine learning capabilities, SKUTOPIA global fulfillment centres help you store products closer to your end customers for cheaper, faster and more environmentally-friendly delivery.

Keen to go global?

With warehouses located across the world, SKUTOPIA can store, process and ship orders for you wherever your customers are. Our global fulfillment network helps you realise your dreams of growing globally, without the extra expenses.

Want to cut shipping costs?

Our urban micro fulfillment centres are located in highly populated areas closer to your end consumers. Not only does this save you money on shipping, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win!

Need to deliver orders fast?

Our Same Day Delivery enabled eCommerce fulfillment centres are powered by world-class robotics, helping you deliver orders to your customers faster than ever before.

SKUTOPIA Urban Global Network

Access new international customers

Going global is an ambition many businesses have, yet logistics can make it expensive and slow. Access a larger pool of clients, increase your revenue and lift your brand image with our global fulfillment centres.

Get competitive prices from 100+ couriers

With SKUTOPIA you get access to an integrated network of global couriers, all in one place. Sell and ship your orders internationally by accessing the best rates from hundreds of different couriers.

Improve customer experience with better order tracking

When it comes to order fulfillment, consistent communication is key. Keep customers up to date about their order status from dispatch to delivery with SKUTOPIA’s international order tracking capabilities.

Say hello to better international shipping rates, new customers and improved customer service with SKUTOPIA’s Urban Global Network.

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