10 Content Creation Tools to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Riarne Gale


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With multiple apps and devices competing for your attention, there’s never been a more important time to boost your digital marketing strategy with great content! So we’ve rounded up 10 content creation tools you can implement today.

Australians spend on average 6 hours and 13 minutes online each day, according to research by We Are Social and Hootsuite, but with multitasking and multi-screening, you’ll need to work harder to cut through.

Whether you’re a beginner or a Spielberg looking for some fresh ideas, we’ve compiled the 10 content creation tools you need to achieve cut through. These free content creation apps will help you plan and prioritise quality over quantity at each step of the content creation process.

Before getting started, you’ll need:

  • A camera or you could use a smartphone if it has a great camera.
  • A light – say goodbye to weird shadows!
  • Tripod – viewers don’t want to see videos with shaky hands!
  • Microphone – to create that quality audio.

Done filming? Now let’s get creative and turn your content into a masterpiece. Here are the 10 content creation apps you can’t do without:

Video Editors

  1. iMovie (Free)

Made for iPhones and Macs, the video editing software is easy to use and free, making it a great entry-level choice and a great content creation tool. Users love its simple interface, wide range of audio tools and movie templates for trailers. If you’ve purchased a Mac after 20 October in 2020 it will be preinstalled for you!

  1. Lumen5 (Free and paid for more than 5 videos a month)

Powered by AI, Lumen5 is a video creation platform, to help brands and businesses create engaging video content for social media posts, ads and websites. Offering loads of stock footage, photos and soundtracks, it is a great option and also works well on your laptop or phone – iPhone or Android.

Image Editors

  1. Inshot (Free with paid options)

In shot is a visual content editing app where you can creare videos, edit photos and create image collages. Jam packed with features, you can change the speed and trim footage, add music, text and filters. With over 66,000 reviews on the Apple app store with an average rating of 4.8 stars, you can’t go wrong!

  1. Snapseed (Free) Mobile – iOS & Android

Developed by Google, Snapseed allows you to edit photos quickly to change the look and feel of your shots. Available on iOS and Android, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can enhance your shots.

Presentation/Graphic Design

  1. Canva (Free and paid options)

A hugely popular content creation tool, over 5 million users worldwide can’t be wrong! Canva has a straightforward drag and drop interface that allows you to create images for your website, social media posts, presentations and more. If you’re feeling stuck there are a range of preloaded templates to get you started, or simply offer inspiration. Canva also has all the major social media dimensions and you can easily resize images for different platforms. Social media managers rejoice!

  1. Glorify (Paid)

Glorify is a great option for beginners as you can create high quality images in less than 60 seconds. One of it’s most popular features is the logo maker. All it takes is your brand name, a keyword to identify your business and then select your brand colours. The basic subscription model starts at $10 USD per month (approximately $14 AUD).


  1. Grammarly (Free)

Once your photos and videos are ready to go, you’ll need some meaningful copy. Say goodbye to grammatical errors and spelling mistakes! Grammarly is a free plugin that will analyse as you type so you can put your best foot forward and post without holding your breath worrying about typos.

  1. Rytr (Free and Paid)

Rytr is an AI powered content generator and writing assistant. And it’s good. All you need to do is choose your content type, add in some extra info and it will generate great content for you in a flash. Whether you need copy for a blog or webpage, social posts or ads, Rytr is a great option with over 15 languages and 15 tones of voice available. It has a free version with caps on character generation per month and for pros, it’s one of the most affordable AI copywriting tools on the market: setting you back $29 a month but potentially saving you hours and helping to remove writer’s block.

Screenshots and SEO

  1. Greenshot (Free)

Need to take screenshots of your website? Greenshot is a great option where you can choose the output of the screengrab and the quality too. It also offers an image editor where you can easily add in arrows, boxes or add text and highlight what you want to stand out.

  1. Google Ads Keyword Planner (Free)

Once you’ve created your content, it’s essential to make it searchable! Google Ads Keyword Planner offers great insight into the search volumes of words or phrases so you can optimise your content. It’s available free after you sign up for an ad account – and you don’t need to spend a cent or sign up with a credit card to get started. Essential for SEO, CPC budget planning for ads and understanding how to connect with existing search volume.

Now it’s time to get creating!

Make sure you tag us in your creations. If there’s an app that has changed the way you create content, let us know by connecting with us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.