Robotic ORDER FulfilLment

eCommerce order fulfillment solutions
to help you scale

10 orders today to 10,000 tomorrow? We can do that. Put a rocket up your business with our proprietary SKUTOPIA urban robotic fulfillment network. Our eCommerce order fulfillment services source, ship, connect, and distribute.

SKUTOPIA robots doing order fulfillment

Flexibility to scale

Our proprietary robotic fulfillment technology provides the flexibility you need to scale your eCommerce business, whether it’s a promotional peak or a sustained growth trajectory.

Outsource logistics complexity

Say goodbye to warehouse leases, bond, fit-out costs and staff shortages. Let our world-class robots do the heavy lifting for you.

Be where your customers are

We are proud to be the first urban robotic fulfillment provider in Australia; our location and tech works together to optimise your last mile delivery for customers in Australia or internationally through our on-demand delivery options.

Trusted by leading brands

How we exceed your eCommerce order fulfillment needs

Our robotic order fulfillment solutions covers all you need to help your eCommerce grow.

End-to-end logistics

Source. Ship. Connect. Distribute. Our proprietary SKUTOPIA shipping platform and our robotic fulfillment technology revolutionises end-to-end logistics.

Shipping platform integration

Integrate all your sales channels, compare courier rates, view orders at every stage, and access 24/7 live support. Change the way you ship today.

Pick and pack solutions

Our custom-programmed robots pick, pack and dispatch orders 24/7. They’re data-driven, carbon-neutral and fast – putting us at the forefront of robotic fulfillment technology.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory with SKUTOPIA’s shipping platform. Our comprehensive dashboard was designed by logistics experts, and our smart shipping software forecasts demand with pinpoint accuracy.

B2B fulfillment

Strengthen your B2B relationships and business. Ship in minutes with SKUTOPIA’s urban robotic B2B fulfillment – a world-class solution for businesses of every size.

B2C fulfillment

Our B2C fulfillment and shipping solutions scale at pace. Meet the fluctuating demands of the online shopping landscape with an eCommerce ecosystem, built for you.

Retail fulfillment

Our robotics and logistics technology is revolutionary. We support Australia’s best retailers with our SKUTOPIA order fulfillment ecosystem. Fast, scalable and affordable, with 24/7 support for all your retail fulfillment needs.

See how our robotic fulfillment works

1. Connect & source

Integrate your channels and send your awesome products to us.

2. Quality check

Once we receive your product inventory, we make sure to check the quality.

3. Integrate

You integrate your sales channels into SKUTOPIA

4. Pick & brand

We pick, pack, and add your brand touch.

5. Deliver & track

Experience fast delivery with customer tracking.

Our reliable robotic order fulfillment technology

Robots you can rely on

Our robotic 3PL eCommerce fulfillment services are designed to help you scale. Custom-programmed by logistics experts, our robots pick, pack and dispatch orders 24/7. Plus, they’re data driven, carbon neutral and fast – so you can scale, fast.

SKUTOPIA robots in a grid fulfilling an ordershopify, amazon, ebay, woocommerce, etsy, salesforce, bigcommerce, magento, wix, neto logos for integration

Our platform, your network

We integrate seamlessly with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Squarespace and Wix. Don’t see your provider? Reach out for a personalised technical assessment. We’ve got world-class solutions for businesses of every size.

Sustainable shipping

Cut your carbon footprint with our cut-to-fit packaging and get cheaper shipping thanks to smaller parcels. Improve your sustainability targets by reducing up to 40% of waste per order. Change the way you ship today.

fulfillment orders on a conveyor beltdesktop snapshot of SKUTOPIA shipping platform

Better data, better decisions

Isn’t it time you got to really know your business? Our sophisticated reporting software and data-rich shipping platform analyse your data, financials, inventory levels, forecasts and carbon footprint to help you grow your
business sustainably.

You set the rules

Build the shipping process that works for your business, and we’ll implement it. Our smart rules engine, aggregated rates, and access to a last-mile electric fleet with uniformed drivers puts your order fulfillment in safe hands. It’s a 3PL eCommerce fulfillment system built for you.

snapshot of rules engine of SKUTOPIA shipping platformsnapshot of SKUTOPIA shipping platform dashboard

Seamlessly integrate with our SKUTOPIA shipping platform

More carrier options. Same and next day delivery. 24/7 customer support. Transparent courier rates. Shift your shipping from a money drainer to a value-adding differentiator. Our 3PL eCommerce fulfillment services will help you scale fast with our easy-to-use platform.

Unlock cost-effective ways to implement your order fulfillment needs.

Let our eCommerce fulfillment services give you an advantage

Accelerate your revenue

Eliminate fixed expenses and scale with ease. Capped shipping costs ensure predictable expenses, empowering informed business decisions. Our eCommerce order fulfillment services are designed to help you scale your business. Shipping solutions that scale with you.

Precise delivery, 
competitive service

Gain a competitive edge with our robotic fulfillment facilities. We assure your orders are picked, packed and delivered with the speed, precision and reliability your customers demand.

Dispatch orders
within minutes

Who else dispatches within minutes? Get your products in your customers’ hands fast. With our smart, integrated, easy-to-use platform, coupled with innovative robotic fulfillment technology, 3PL eCommerce fulfillment has never been easier.

The first urban robotic micro-fulfillment centres in Australia

SKUTOPIA’s state-of-the-art urban robotic micro-fulfillment centres are the first robotics fulfillment centre of their kind in Australia. Located in Sydney, we’re soon expanding to Melbourne.

SKUTOPIA robots in a grid doing fulfillment

SKU001 Urban Robotics MFC

Alexandria, Sydney

SKU002 Urban Robotics NDC

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Catherine Dix of waterdrop headshot

“waterdrop® is so pleased to find a partner who shares the same values as our business. Since day one, working with the SKUTOPIA team has been easy and enjoyable, and having our fulfillment handled expertly and efficiently has been a massive win.”

Catherine Dix
Director of waterdrop®
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“SKUTOPIA has given us the flexibility we needed as a growing business. It’s the biggest advantage against our competitors.”

Richard Tourino
Founder of Good & Fugly
Rachel Wilde of Skincare headshot

"Since teaming up with SKUTOPIA, we've been blown away! Outsourcing our eCommerce order fulfillment has been a game-changer for our business and scaling up has never been easier. We can handle way more orders than ever before. The SKUTOPIA team is awesome too!"

Rachael Wilde
Co-Founder & CMO of tbh Skincare
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“Tottie is so pleased to have found a fulfillment provider who has enabled us to seamlessly scale our growing business. We are constantly receiving feedback on how quick our deliveries are! SKUTOPIA has given me more time to focus on marketing and scaling our revenue without worrying about distribution. I only wish I had made the switch a lot earlier.”

Nadean Richards
Founder of Tottie

Robotic order fulfillment FAQs

Have questions about robotic fulfillment? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

How can I implement robotic fulfillment for my orders?

To get started, assess your operational needs. Talk to our representatives about our urban robotic fulfillment system to find out if it can integrate with your existing processes. Then, train your staff on its usage.

Is robotic fulfillment cost-effective for my business?

While initial implementation costs exist, the long-term benefits, such as increased productivity and reduced labor expenses, often make our eCommerce fulfillment solutions a cost-effective solution for businesses of various sizes.

Are you able to handle various types of products?

Yes, our robotic fulfillment system is designed to handle a wide range of products. Choose a solution that aligns with your product diversity and requirements to ensure optimal performance.

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