Robotic ORDER FulfilLment

Scale your business quickly

Our revolutionary urban robotic micro fulfillment network is designed to help you grow. From 10 orders today to 10,000 tomorrow, you’re set up to scale your order fulfillment with SKUTOPIA.

Save money and resources

Our Robotic Fulfillment offers a flexible model for modern businesses. Say goodbye to warehouse leases, bond, fit out costs and staff shortage and let our world-class robots do the hard work for you. When it costs just $3.95 per order picked and packed, how can you say no?

Deliver unlimited orders

Warehouse size and location limitations are a worry of the past with our global network of urban robotics micro fulfillment facilities. Smart technology makes scaling your business easy – and takes the worry out of eCommerce order fulfillment.

Get precious time back

Free up your time and energy to focus on business growth. We’ll take care of delivering sophisticated, seamless eCommerce order fulfillment. Win-win!

Trusted by leading brands

Schedule a call with our team

Find out more about SKUTOPIA’s world-class eCommerce fulfillment services by chatting to one of our solutions experts. We’re here to help.

Robots you can rely on

Custom programmed by people who actually understand your needs, our robots pick, pack and dispatch orders 24/7, revolutionising eCommerce fulfillment. They’re data driven, carbon neutral and designed to enable a better experience – for both you and the end customer.

Say goodbye to waste

Our cut-to-size boxes reduce waste and make shipping cheaper. Create a memorable unboxing experience with fully robotosized, branded packaging – and have the option to include personalised flyers and offers. We’ll help you meet or improve your sustainability targets with cut-to-fit packaging that reduces 40% of waste per order.

Better data, better decisions

Keep on top of stock levels and make informed business decisions with our data-rich dashboards. Designed by logistics experts who understand your needs, this sophisticated reporting software analyses your data, financials, inventory levels, forecasts and carbon footprint to help you grow your business sustainably.

You set the rules

Build a shipping process that works for your business and we’ll implement it. With a smart rules engine, aggregated rates and access to a last-mile electric fleet with uniformed drivers, your order fulfillment is in safe hands.

How our Robotic Fulfillment works

1. Source

You source your own awesome products.

2. Ship

You ship your products to us using discounted rates.

3. Integrate

You integrate your sales channels into SKUTOPIA

4. Check

We receive your inventory and check the quality.

5. Connect

Orders flow from your stores into SKUTOPIA.

6. Pick

We'll pick your orders and print your brand logo on the box.

7. Deliver

We deliver your products quickly using great rates.

8. Track

Your customer receives a tracking link via email and SMS.

9. Receipt

Your happy customer receives their order.

10. Get Updated

You're notified that the order has been delivered.

Ready to scale up with SKUTOPIA?

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