Pick and pack solutions powered by intelligent robotics technology

Grow your business, without increasing your shipping costs. Our technologically advanced pick and pack solutions help you affordably scale from 10 orders today to 10,000 tomorrow.

Pick and pack solutions that help you scale?

SKUTOPIA’s got you. Our robotic pick and pack services fulfil your orders, fast. Save money, time and stress with our automated pick and pack solutions designed to make scaling your business a breeze.

Need to improve quality control?

Our smart pick and pack system has built-in quality control checking of parcels, packing verification, and the option of manual personalisation.

Peak periods costing you a fortune?

SKUTOPIA has a save for that. Our pick and pack solutions reduce shipping, storage and staffing costs. During peak seasons, we can accelerate warehouse performance tenfold, without the need for extra staff.

Trusted by leading brands

Pick and pack logistics like no other

SKUTOPIA's urban robotic micro-fulfillment centres have fast fulfillment speeds with a low error rate. We use an automated storage and retrieval system, and packages are stored in a cubic layout to unlock floorspace potential.

The robotic technology advantage

Eliminate the headache of human error. Our world-class robotic logistics technology offers precision programming that ensures a low error rate and fast fulfillment speeds. Scale up during peaks or down during troughs, without the hassle of managing staff. Our user-friendly software is smart and affordable, boosting productivity and reducing costs.

image of pick and pack robots
cut-to-fit packages being delivered sustainbly

Environmentally and economically sustainable

What’s good for the environment and your bottom line? SKUTOPIA’s pick and pack logistics solutions. Our cut-to-size packaging reduces waste and parcel sizes, so you can help save the planet while saving on unnecessary shipping overages. Plus, put your brand front-and-centre with personalised branding and optional additions like vouchers and brochures. We are committed to serving you with our sustainable practices.

Dispatch orders within minutes

With our SKUTOPIA shipping platform, it’s possible. We not only offer same and next day delivery, but our platform integrates seamlessly with leading eCommerce providers like Shopify, Amazon, Squarespace, Etsy and Wix. Plus, our auto carrier selection finds the best value shipping rate for you. See all the benefits on our shipping platform page.

mobile view of SKUTOPIA shipping platform

SKUTOPIA's Pick and Pack Fulfillment

1. Connect & source

Integrate your channels and send your awesome products to us.

2. Quality check

Once we receive your product inventory, we make sure to check the quality.

3. Integrate

You integrate your sales channels into SKUTOPIA

4. Pick & brand

We pick, pack, and add your brand touch.

5. Deliver & track

Experience fast delivery with customer tracking.

What makes SKUTOPIA’s pick and pack solutions stand out from the rest?

Personalised programming to suit your needs

You set the rules. Our SKUTOPIA shipping platform software is fully customisable, so you can pre-set rules for a pick and pack solution that suits your business. Plus, our data-rich platform learns as it goes, helping you make informed decisions to grow your business.

A complete, end-to-end solution

We are a one-stop shop of pick and pack services. We source, ship, connect, and distribute your goods all over the world, giving you an end-to-end fulfillment solution that helps you scale. Manage inventory, create shipping rules, personalise packages, get the best shipping rates, receive customer feedback, and ship same day, next day and express.

Catherine Dix of waterdrop headshot

“waterdrop® is so pleased to find a partner who shares the same values as our business. Since day one, working with the SKUTOPIA team has been easy and enjoyable, and having our fulfillment handled expertly and efficiently has been a massive win.”

Catherine Dix
Director of waterdrop®
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“SKUTOPIA has given us the flexibility we needed as a growing business. It’s the biggest advantage against our competitors.”

Richard Tourino
Founder of Good & Fugly
Rachel Wilde of Skincare headshot

"Since teaming up with SKUTOPIA, we've been blown away! Outsourcing our eCommerce order fulfillment has been a game-changer for our business and scaling up has never been easier. We can handle way more orders than ever before. The SKUTOPIA team is awesome too!"

Rachael Wilde
Co-Founder & CMO of tbh Skincare
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“Tottie is so pleased to have found a fulfillment provider who has enabled us to seamlessly scale our growing business. We are constantly receiving feedback on how quick our deliveries are! SKUTOPIA has given me more time to focus on marketing and scaling our revenue without worrying about distribution. I only wish I had made the switch a lot earlier.”

Nadean Richards
Founder of Tottie

Your product. Your brand. Our world-class technology. Our revolutionary urban robotic micro-fulfillment network is the best low cost pick and pack solution on the market.