Carbon Neutral Fulfillment

Democratising & decarbonising eCommerce logistics

Pioneering Australia's first urban robotic micro fulfilment centre (MFC) and shipping platform, we are committed to supporting Australia's eCommerce and retail industry with innovative solutions that make order fulfilment and last-mile delivery not only efficient, cost-effective, and scalable but also sustainably advanced.

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SKUTOPIA for the environment

Slashing emissions by 60%, equivalent to saving over 300,000 square metres of Arctic ice each year.

Reducing waste by 1,940 tonnes, akin to planting 50,000 trees each year or eliminating the annual waste of over 2,000 households.

Preventing 580 metric tonnes of CO2 annually, like powering 100 homes with clean energy.

Cutting parcel carbon footprint by 75%, is like reducing the annual emissions from 500 cars,

Delivering sustainable change for
eCommerce businesses

60% reduction in carbon emissions

Our micro-fulfillment centre utilises a staggering 90% less real estate compared to traditional warehouses, leading to a 60% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to conventional 3PLS or self-fulfilled businesses.

Fewer delivery vehicles = lower overall emissions

Located in the heart of Alexandria, our urban micro-fulfillment centre drastically reduces the 'last-mile' delivery distance, being a 2-hour drive from 5M Sydney shoppers. Fewer delivery vehicles equals lower overall emissions.

40% reduction in packaging waste

Our fully automated systems employs 100% recycled, cut-to-fit packaging slashing waste by 40% and our robotic precision reduces SKUTOPIA's packaging emissions by ~41%.

Sustainability initiative

Imagine a network of solar-powered robotic hubs dotting the urban landscape of Australia, slashing carbon footprints by 60% and cutting down packaging waste by 40%. Welcome to SKUTOPIA—where eco-friendly meets urban efficiency. Our micro-fulfilment centres, strategically placed to blanket 90% of Australia's urban population, leverage cutting-edge technology and 100% recycled materials to make logistics leaner and greener. It's not just a service; it's our pledge for the planet, pushing us towards B Corp certification and beyond.

At SKUTOPIA, our commitment to sustainability is foundational, not just a step towards achieving B Corp accreditation. Our actions reflect our dedication: from our operations to our partnerships, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business.

Sustainability as a fundamental principle

Cutting emissions from the reduction of errors made, allows SKUTOPIA to reduce waste by 146 tonnes p.a and, 785 tonnes of CO2 p.a. From the cut-to-fit packaging system, we reduce waste by 1,940 tonnes p.a and 14,338 tonnes of CO2.

The addition of our 1 megawatt solar panel outfitted in our National Distribution Centre, to support our goal, potentially saves 580 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Our strategic locations

The GHG emissions for SKUTOPIA’s last-mile delivery were estimated to be ~75% lower than a typical last-mile domestic delivery (~197 gCO2e/parcel vs ~549 gCO2-e/parcel).

The micro-urban model proves to have significant impact. However, the emissions intensity for SKUTOPIA is similar to Conventional 3PL for Darwin and international destinations (using Singapore as benchmark) due to the lack of MFCs at this region.

This significant difference in emissions arises from SKUTOPIA’s ability to reduce the distance traveled from the fulfillment center and ensure higher volume efficiencies for last-mile delivery

Package smart, deliver sustainability.