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Start shipping orders in minutes

With our smart, integrated, easy-to-use technology order fulfillment for small businesses has never been easier.

Get a complete picture

Integrate all your sales channels, manage orders, book couriers, print pick lists, view inventory lists and track orders in one place.

Compare courier rates

Access aggregated rates from 100+ couriers locally and internationally and auto select couriers using smart, pre-set rules.

Access 24/7 support

Get answers in real-time from our dedicated customer support team. Our Shipping Aggregator software is designed with transparency, simplicity and accessibility in mind.

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Our smart technology rules

Save time, reduce your carbon footprint and streamline operations with our sophisticated pre-set rules. From courier booking to package sizes, eco friendly routing and set order fulfillment logic, it’s designed to make your life easier. And who doesn’t want that?

The best rates, automatically

Our Auto Carrier Selection finds the most affordable shipping rate, so you can relax knowing both you and your customers are getting the most affordable rates. The best part? You can get up to 50% off retail shipping rates with select couriers.

Better data, better decisions

Keep on top of stock levels and make informed business decisions with our data-rich dashboards. Designed by logistics experts who understand your needs, this sophisticated reporting software analyses data, financials, inventory levels, forecasts and carbon footprint to help you grow your business sustainably.

Gain access to multiple couriers with SKUTOPIA

How our Shipping Platform works

1. Connect

Integrate with Shopify or other sales channels, without the need for coding.

2. Aggregate

Auto-sync orders and see product and delivery status in one place.

3. Simplify

Pre set rules, create pick lists and book couriers and print labels ready for shipping.

4. Save

Take advantage of our discounted shipping rates with select couriers.

5. Track

Track orders, keep customers informed and receive feedback about their last mile experience.

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