About us

Vision and Values

We’re an ambitious business with our sights set on revolutionising the order fulfillment industry, through world-class technology, sustainable processes and brave choices.

Our story

We started as Sydney’s first eCommerce co-working hub in 2018, WORKIT SPACES. Our co-founders, Talea Bader and Emily Townsend, wanted to provide businesses with everything they needed to scale under one roof, from loading docks, shipping stations and clean warehousing to photography, forklifts and offices. We also wanted to create a thriving community for small business owners.

The more we spoke to our clients, the more we discovered that logistics, affordable delivery, and scalable pick and pack operations were key to growing a successful brand. They were all searching for an end-to-end, technology-driven logistics partner to help them scale; a partner whose services were available to all eCommerce businesses, regardless of their offering or size.

In 2021 we launched SKUTOPIA, a revolutionary order fulfillment platform that enables eCommerce businesses to connect their sales channels, receive orders, store inventory, pick, pack and book couriers and deliver to end consumers at a speed, quality and price they could never achieve by themselves.

To do so, we invested heavily in building our own software platform from scratch, purchased cutting edge robotics and deployed a last mile software solution and electric fleet – all with today’s consumer in mind.

Since our launch we have worked with over 300+ businesses, shipped millions of orders and continued to work towards our goal of being environmentally positive by 2024.

Our vision

To create an Innovative, efficient, clean and light eCommerce fulfillment ecosystem.

At SKUTOPIA we believe that people can achieve great things when they work towards a common goal. Our goal is simple: to always do better for our customers and the environment.

We’re building a business of the future – one that’s smart, sustainable and uncomplicated.

Our values

Our business is built on inclusion, inspiration and ambition. No two people are the same at SKUTOPIA, and we’re lucky to have a diverse team of logistics experts. We believe our people are the best in the business, and we proudly shout it from the rooftops. Our company values are not lofty aspirations, they’re true to how we all show up to work every day.

Customer obsessed

We’re democratising order fulfillment and shipping, giving the power back to the merchant while delighting end consumers. Trust is a must. When our customers succeed, we flourish.

Proud of our impact

We bring our whole authentic selves to work. We’re passionate about what we do.

Embrace courage

We think big. We’re resourceful, we get our hands dirty and we see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Come as you are

Diversity, inclusion and respect are our superpowers. We believe that diversity of ideas and opinions breeds creativity and solutions.

Environmentally positive

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? The bigger we get, the more positive impact we can have.

No politics

No bullshit - no politics, we say what we mean and we mean what we say. We’re here to collaborate, not compete with each other. We always work as a team and leave our egos at home.

What we've achieved

Launched Sydney's first eCommerce hub

Launched SKUTOPIA Shipping Platform

Launched SKUTOPIA Same Day in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Launched Australia's first urban robotics micro fulfillment centre

Won $900K Grant from the Australian Federal Government for our software innovation

Signed a partnership with the NSW State Government

Signed a partnership with SWISSLOG, one of the world’s largest robotics and logistics automation suppliers.

ASCLA award finalist for our automated MFC solution

Preparing to rollout SKUTOPIA Shipping Platform, Robotics Fulfillment and Same Day delivery in EU, UK, SAE and America

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