Inventory Forecasting

Never run out of popular items, buy the wrong stock or lose revenue again

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets! We’ve automated the process of inventory management using dynamic algorithms so you can better manage stock and avoid lost sales.

Need to better manage stock?

Buying too much or too little product doesn’t just waste money, it wastes storage space. Get better insight into how much stock you need when with an Inventory Forecasting feature within the SKUTOPIA Shipping Platform.

Keen to make better business decisions?

Designed by logistics experts who understand your needs, our inventory forecasting ensures you never buy the wrong items and always have the right stock on hand.

Want to boost revenue?

Better forecasting means better planning and purchasing. Increase your sales, diversity your product offering and plan strategy with increased visibility of stock levels.

SKUTOPIA Inventory Forecasting

Sell more products and grow your brand

Our inventory forecasting capabilities grant your company full transparency on current stock levels. With this information, you can keep track of available stock, predict stock increases for peak seasons and sales, and ultimately prevent disappointing customers with sellouts.

Stay on top and in control of stock

Take the stress out of order fulfillment. SKUTOPIA's order fulfillment solution, along with our Inventory Forecasting software, not only automates stock number processing to save time, but it also recommends and alerts you when stock is low and makes recommendations to discount products that aren’t selling.

Make inventory management a breeze

With SKUTOPIA, you can update your information in one place instead of multiple systems, cutting down admin time and giving you more time to focus on what you do best – growing your business. SKUTOPIA's Shipping Platform also utilises proven forecasting algorithms that analyse revenue and predict growth spikes based on lead time and sale, to help you avoid lost sales and enhance stock order performance.

Say goodbye to time consuming Excel documents and hello to a more sophisticated software solution with SKUTOPIA Inventory Forecasting.

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