An end-to-end logistics solution to help you scale

How? Our robotic fulfillment centres are the peak of end-to-end logistics solution technology. We focus on fulfillment – from customer order right through to delivery – while you focus on your business.

overview snapshot of SKUTOPIA robots in action

Keen to scale, fast?

SKUTOPIA’s end-to-end logistics solution gives you the power to grow from 10 orders today to 10,000 tomorrow – minus the financial risk. Our robotic fulfillment centres are flexible, well-resourced, and reliable, with low error rates and fast fulfillment speeds thanks to robots.

Need flexibility?

Fluctuating demand, peak periods and staffing issues all impact your ability to scale. But our robotic fulfillment centres – the most flexible end-to-end logistics solution on the market – move with you. We’re dependable and predictable, so you can be agile and efficient.

Ready to cut costs?

Inconsistent courier costs, fluctuating wages and increasing rent could be ruining your bottom line. SKUTOPIA has a flat rate of $3.95 per order, saving you rent in slow periods and wages in peak periods. Improve forecasting, save in wages, reduce rent, and seriously slash costs with our end-to-end logistics solutions.

Trusted by leading brands

Get seamless, efficient logistics management with our end-to-end logistics solutions

SKUTOPIA launched SKU001 – Australia's first ever urban robotic micro-fulfillment centre – in Sydney in 2021 (Melbourne coming soon). Our end-to-end logistics services let us pick, pack and deliver orders directly to your customers at the fastest speed, highest quality, and lowest carbon footprint possible. All at a remarkably affordable price.

eCommerce end-to-end logistics management

Save money and time, deliver unlimited orders, and grow your eCommerce business as a result. Our robotic fulfillment solution is flexible, scalable and cost-effective. We seamlessly manage your eCommerce order fulfillment in our one of a kind facility, eliminating warehouse rental, fit-out and staff hire – so you can focus on growing your business.

snapshots of SKUTOPIA robots and a merchant gathering packaged orders x
SKUTOPIA robots doing automated pick and pack

Robotic pick and pack technology

Our robots are custom programmed by real people who actually understand your needs. They pick, pack and dispatch orders 24/7, in cut-to-size boxes that reduce waste and make shipping cheaper. Make unboxing memorable with your custom branded packaging, and the option to include personalised flyers and offers.

SKUTOPIA Shipping Platform

SKUTOPIA’s shipping solutions are powered by our proprietary SKUTOPIA Shipping Platform. Our technology integrates all your sales channels, manages orders, aggregates and books couriers, prints pick lists, records inventory, and tracks orders – all in one place. Data-driven and with 24/7 dedicated customer support, this is true end-to-end logistics management.

mobile view of SKUTOPIA shipping platform
image of a SKUTOPIA delivery van

Same day, next day, and express delivery

Get orders from A to B fast with our last mile delivery solutions. Our guaranteed same day and next day shipping delights customers, increases conversion, and provides a better brand experience. Impress your customers with professional delivery drivers, a low impact electric fleet, and fast, efficient service.

Customer Support 24/7

Talk to real people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated customer support team will never leave you – or your customers – high and dry. We’re friendly and professional, and the ultimate problem solvers (on the off chance one should arise). Simply, we’re here to help.

a happy SKUTOPIA 3PL customer

How our robotic fulfillment works

1. Connect & source

Integrate your channels and send your awesome products to us.

2. Quality check

Once we receive your product inventory, we make sure to check the quality.

3. Integrate

You integrate your sales channels into SKUTOPIA

4. Pick & brand

We pick, pack, and add your brand touch.

5. Deliver & track

Experience fast delivery with customer tracking.

End-to-end logistics on autopilot.
Limitless headspace to grow your business.

Ship smarter with SKUTOPIA

Our end-to-end logistics services are trusted by hundreds of Australian brands. Powered by proprietary technology – the first of its kind in Australia – our robots enable fast fulfillment speeds with a low error rate.

We look after fulfillment, your brand, the planet

Cut-to-size packaging in your branding? That cuts your carbon footprint? And costs? You can get it here. Our urban robotic fulfillment solutions save you time, money, and waste. Sustainable for your business and the planet.

Catherine Dix of waterdrop headshot

“waterdrop® is so pleased to find a partner who shares the same values as our business. Since day one, working with the SKUTOPIA team has been easy and enjoyable, and having our fulfillment handled expertly and efficiently has been a massive win.”

Catherine Dix
Director of waterdrop®
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“SKUTOPIA has given us the flexibility we needed as a growing business. It’s the biggest advantage against our competitors.”

Richard Tourino
Founder of Good & Fugly
Rachel Wilde of Skincare headshot

"Since teaming up with SKUTOPIA, we've been blown away! Outsourcing our eCommerce order fulfillment has been a game-changer for our business and scaling up has never been easier. We can handle way more orders than ever before. The SKUTOPIA team is awesome too!"

Rachael Wilde
Co-Founder & CMO of tbh Skincare
Nadean Richards founder of Tottie headshot

“Tottie is so pleased to have found a fulfillment provider who has enabled us to seamlessly scale our growing business. We are constantly receiving feedback on how quick our deliveries are! SKUTOPIA has given me more time to focus on marketing and scaling our revenue without worrying about distribution. I only wish I had made the switch a lot earlier.”

Nadean Richards
Founder of Tottie

Leave the end-to-end logistics management to us and our world-class urban robotic fulfillment technology. Talk to SKUTOPIA today.