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Olivia Armistead


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15 Dec 2022

Bulk import and Create orders now available on SKUTOPIA

Need to send adhoc orders? Use our create orders feature on SKUTOPIA! Simply create orders, get rates and send your parcels all via our SKUTOPIA platform. Have a large amount of orders you want to book labels for? Take advantage of our bulk import orders feature. No matter how big or small, we've got you sorted.

18 May 2022

Choose the cheapest carrier everytime!

Selecting the cheapest carrier by default is now by a single click of a button! Enjoy cheapest carrier rates everytime there is an order on SKUTOPIA!

18 May 2022

Sync data button

You can use a single button on SKUTOPIA orders to re-sync changes from your Shopify store!

30 March 2022

Bulk label bookings

Booking multiple orders is super simple with SKUTOPIA, all you need to do is select the orders you want to include in your bulk booking, and click Book Carrier. Easy Peasy!

17 February 2022

One-click label bookings

You should now be able to open an order in SKUTOPIA and click ‘Book Carrier’ and get a label, without changing a thing. One-Click-Booking

17 February 2022

Bulk label download

Labels can now be downloaded in bulk from the Awaiting Carrier Screen. You can download upto 100 labels at one time!

25 January 2022

Use Auspost International for deliveries over 2kg

You can now send international deliveries up to 20kgs via Auspost International shipping.

25 January 2022

More information about your orders on the Sales Overview Screen

You can now view more information such as the carrier service, price, state and others for your order on the Sales overview screen.

25 January 2022

Manage information about your orders

You can choose to show/hide as many columns you want to see information about your orders all in one place.