Low Cost Pick and Pack

Say goodbye to manual labour and hello to AI robotics technology of the future

Grow your business, without increasing your shipping costs. Fulfillment by SKUTOPIA helps you affordably scale from 100 orders today to 10,000 orders tomorrow, through greener, AI optimised robotics fulfillment centres.

Want to scale your business?

SKUTOPIA's high-quality automated robotics picking and packing technology eliminates the need for manual labour and packers. You’ll no longer need to pay extra for staff, our smart robots will do the work for you more efficiently, and for half the price.

Need to improve quality control?

SKUTOPIA's urban micro fulfillment centres use an automated storage and retrieval system for the picking and packing process. Packages are stored in a cubic layout to unlock floorspace potential. The fulfillment process permits quality control checking of parcels, packing verification and manual adding of ad-ins or personalised labelling.

Are staff costing a fortune?

SKUTOPIA reduces your shipping costs and is a completely flexible eCommerce order fulfillment solution. During peak seasons or product launches, we can accelerate warehouse performance tenfold, without needing to hire extra staff. Both the cost and time savings associated with automated fulfillment can be reinvested into your business to help you grow.

SKUTOPIA Low Cost Pick and Pack

Significantly reduce spending

SKUTOPIA’s automated technology and user-friendly software is a smart and affordable investment for your business. The savings and productivity boost from moving to SKUTOPIA’s end to end logistics solution will give you the tools you need to grow your business and delight your customers with low shipping costs.

Scale your business using the latest technology

Our robotic order fulfillment technology will take care of the tedious tasks for you. SKUTOPIA 3PL solutions scale with you, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Dispatch orders within minutes

We live in the NOW generation. Customers want speed, accuracy, and dependability in today's fast-paced digital economy. Make sure you get your orders fulfilled right the first time, every time with our ‘within minutes dispatch’, enabled by SKUTOPIA’s world-class technology.

Our revolutionary urban robotics micro fulfillment network is the best low cost pick and pack option on the market. From 10 orders today to 10,000 tomorrow, you’ll grow fast with SKUTOPIA.

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