5 Tips to Style Your Productive Sydney Office


Olivia Armistead


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Now that we’ve got your attention and you’re excited to start styling your office, we’ll hold you back just a little longer!  Before you get your hands dirty, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when styling your office space in Sydney.

First things first – what is the purpose of the office? Is it to inspire calmness and creativity? Then perhaps an open concept, minimalistic vibe would be suitable. Is it to look professional and inspire trust? Perhaps a more classic design would be the way to go. Whatever the style you’re going for, we want to help you achieve it!

Here are four ways to personalise your Sydney office style in order to create the best work experience for everyone…

#01 Furniture

Think about how your office space is going to be used: formal meetings, casual chats, brainstorm sessions and everything in between.  Make sure your office space is functional and inviting for all the different types of conversations that are going to take place.

We know that every office is different, but if there’s one thing that can bring them all together, it’s definitely the chairs. Office chairs should not only look the part but deliver on practicality too. Here are three ergonomic chair styles that will inspire productivity and offer optimal comfort

Executive Mesh Chair

The Executive Mesh Office Chair

Articulating its design from a classic leather high back office chair, the Executive Office Chair in faux carbon fibre is the epitome of the modern day executive.  Featuring a polished stainless steel base and coloured arm rests that can be customised to your ideal colour or finish, it’s sleek and striking without compromising on comfort.

leather chair

leather chair

The Leather Chair

Leather is one of the most sought-after beautiful materials in contemporary furniture design. It captures sophistication and timeless elegance far better than any other, for a truly luxurious feel in your office space.

high back managerial desk chair

The High Back Managerial Desk Chair

Featuring a high back design that is perfect for those who want to appear more commanding in their office space. A rich brown leather finish and PU mesh arms contribute towards its appearance as a true executive chair.

With these three chairs your workspace will be guaranteed to be as comfortable as possible so that your productivity is never compromised by distractions or discomfort.  

#02 Style

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your style, your office space in Sydney could be anything from elegant and professional to whimsical or rustic.

For an office that needs to look clean and uncluttered, transitional style is perfect. Transitional design references a variety of styles within the design but maintains its own underlying sense of clarity and minimalism as it draws on different elements from each style. The result is a look that exudes luxury but without pretentiousness or formality.

vida glow sydney office

Vida Glow’s Sydney Office

For something more playful, rustic design with industrial influences is a great way to add character and charm. Adding some traditional elements in the form of neon lighting, metal finishes, exposed brick or polished concrete will help to bring that industrial feel into your office space, while keeping it grounded by materials such as wood and leather. This juxtaposition between industrial and natural works perfectly when creating a warm and inviting workspace.

workit spaces coworking

Workit Spaces Alexandria Office

If you’re looking to create a more classic, formal-feeling environment, darker colours would be your best bet. Think calming greys and deep blues for your walls while metallic finishes are optional depending on how confident you feel with mixing metals in the space. More natural materials would go perfectly with this look, so consider bringing in some light woods to set the tone for an elegant space.

hub sydney office

Hub Sydney Office

slack melbourne office

Slack’s Melbourne Office

#03 Function and Form

In an office, it’s important to make sure the layout of the space makes sense for its intended use. So if your employees will be working long hours in this space, consider including a few lounges and other break out areas where comfort can compensate for fatigue.                                                              

We know that every office has its own unique set of requirements, so it’s important to design a space that works for what you need.

dropbox sydney office

Dropbox Sydney Office

If your staff are constantly meeting with clients or if they’re often on the phone, make sure those spaces are as comfortable as possible. Including this kind of functional detail in your workspace will help ensure comfort and productivity for years to come.

#04 Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to any office environment, as too much light can cause eye strain and affect concentration while not enough can make the space appear drab and dull.

Think about what kind of mood you’re aiming for with your office layout and choose lighting accordingly. In a private office space, using functional overhead lighting is a great way to avoid darkness but maintain an inviting atmosphere.

macquarie sydney office

Macquarie Sydney Office

In communal spaces, consider incorporating some softer down lighting for ambience and relaxation during breaks or after hours.                                                          

Whatever your layout, make sure it works for your employees and that there’s plenty of natural light coming in from windows or skylights. This will help keep your office space energised and alert.

#05 Decor

There’s no denying that plants can make an office look lively and refreshed, but did you also know they’re good for reducing stress and improving wellbeing?  It’s true! In workplaces with higher stress levels, exposure to nature has been linked to a 20% reduction in fatigue and a 15% reduction in tension  so it seems that there really is no harm in bringing a little greenery into your office.

Wotif Sydney Office

Wotif Sydney Office

Other ways to change up the look in your office space is to add some office art. Since art can inspire, motivate and even delight, bringing it into the space will have a positive effect on all who see it.  

Whether you opt for paintings or prints, quirky sculptures or tasteful tapestries, art will help your office space feel more personalised.

adobe sydney office

Adobe Sydney Office

When styling your Sydney office space, don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet and feel free to experiment – remember, there are no rules. You can always make changes later on if you decide that something doesn’t fit or isn’t working out.

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