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Feb 15, 2023
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22 December 2021

DHL now available for International shipments

We have added DHL as a new carrier for your International shipments. Enjoy!

22 December 2021

New improved error messaging

To enhance your experience while booking with SKUTOPIA, we have added error messages which would tell you any information you have incorrect on your order.

Example – Incorrect address, phone number missing etc.

08 December 2021

View Order notes from Shopify

You can now view Order notes from Shopify directly on the SKUTOPIA app!

08 December 2021

Filter by tags

Add tags to your orders in Shopify and they are visible on SKUtopia! You can also filter by a tag on the order overview screen.

03 December 2021

Edit Addresses & Phone Numbers via SKUtopia

You can now edit addresses & phone numbers without logging into shopify through SKUtopia.

21 October 2021

Aramex Australia Shipping Is Now Available With SKUtopia!

We’re pleased to announce that Aramex Australia (previously Fastway) is now another carrier that you can choose from in the SKUtopia app!

09 September 2021

Go Global With International Shipping

Quickly view the best shipping rates and delivery times across multiple carriers providing international shipping.

26 August 2021

Check Your Picklist Easily!

There’s no need to jump between Shopify and the SKUtopia app to fulfil your order – you’ll find order details on the Pick List page in SKUtopia!

12 August 2021

Create Manifests For Your Orders

Make sure you’re avoiding that $25 fee from Australia Post for each item that hasn’t been manifested. Use the Manifests page to help keep track efficiently.

12 August 2021

Keep Track Of All Your Orders In SKUtopia!

The New Queue page lets you view all order statuses and easily keep track of outstanding orders that haven’t been filled yet.

12 August 2021

Linking Your Shopify Account Effortlessly

Link your Shopify account in less than a minute and manage orders and shipping all in one place.

09 August 2021

Discounted Auspost Shipping Rates with SKUtopia

It’s now easy to ship with Australia Post when using the SKUtopia app with special discounted rates!

26 March 2021

Choose & Create Custom Parcels Smoothly

Input the weight and dimensions easily with SKUtopia to ensure you’ve got the best custom size parcel. You can also save bespoke custom sizes for future use!