Mastering 2024: SEO Hacks To Elevate Your Product Visibility


Joy Caasi


Jan 31, 2024
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As we enter a New Year, it's time to make your online store shine. With more customers shopping online, being seen in search results is key.

This is where Google comes in. By utilising smart search engine optimisation (SEO) tricks, you can help shoppers find your awesome products at every step along their online shopping journey. Imagine your store popping up just when someone searches for what you sell. Pretty cool, right?

Why is SEO Important For Your eCommerce Business?

So you do your online shopping, right? Well, guess what, in Southeast Asia, during big sale days, most people (76%) use a bunch of different ways to find the best deals! They're searching on Google, watching videos, checking social media – all within just two days! That's where Google comes in, like your super helpful friend. It's where everyone looks for what they need, and for businesses; the perfect place to get noticed by the right customers.

The team at SKUTOPIA recently attended the Google Search Central Live in Singapore where we learned some super cool tricks to make your online store rank highly in search results.

So if you’re ready to get noticed, stay tuned as we share these easy-to-use eCommerce SEO tips.

SEO Tip #1 - Share Your Product Data on Google

Sharing your product data, like titles, descriptions and prices, directly with Google is like shouting "Look at me!" in the online marketplace. They'll understand your offerings better, boosting your store's visibility in search results. 

And that’s not all - shopping searches are getting smarter. Google's changing how you connect with shoppers, moving from basic text search to engaging visuals and AI-generated suggestions. In turn, potential customers searching for what you sell will stumble straight onto your dazzling shelves. 

Merchants have a significantly larger canvas across Google surfaces to show up in the moments that matter. Unlock this magic by using Google Merchant Centre and feeding it your product info. It's a painless step that can send your digital sales soaring. Remember, the clearer you are, the brighter you shine in the eyes of Google (and shoppers).

SEO Tip #2 - Level Up Your Listings, Level Up Your Traffic

Boost your website traffic by optimising your product listings. Ensure your listings feature high-quality images that showcase your products effectively. Craft product titles that incorporate essential details like brand, gender, product type, size, and colour. Provide accurate pricing, inclusive of taxes and shipping costs, to avoid any surprises for your customers. Enhance your product descriptions by including additional important information that helps potential buyers make informed decisions.

Encourage customer trust and engagement by incorporating ratings and reviews, allowing shoppers to benefit from others' experiences. Additionally, make it easy for customers to seek assistance by providing convenient access to chat support. By implementing these strategies, you are not only enhancing the visibility of your products but also creating a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers.

In addition to what the customer sees, GTIN, MPN, and BRAND further improve Google’s ability to match your product with the most relevant searches. GTIN, MPN, and BRAND are like super-powered megaphones for your online store.

Here's how they work:

GTIN: A unique ID card for your product. GTIN is like a fingerprint that tells Google exactly what it is. No more confusion about similar-sounding names!

MPN: This is your own special code for the product, like a secret handshake with Google. It helps them understand exactly which version you're selling, even if other stores have the same product with a different name.

BRAND: This is your name in lights, letting everyone know who made this awesome product. It helps Google connect your brand with the right searches, making it easier for people who love your stuff to find you.

So, these identifiers are like backstage passes for Google, helping them match your products with the most relevant searches. They're invisible to the customer, but they work behind the scenes to make sure your store rank in the online marketplace!

SEO Tip #3 - Unlock More Conversions: Speak Your Shoppers' Language

While product data is crucial for eCommerce, there are other types of information that can also benefit shoppers during various stages of their shopping journey. Consider these examples to expand your reach across multiple Google platforms:

  1. Share the story of your company. Let shoppers who value knowing more about the businesses they buy from get to learn the background of your brand.
  2. Highlight your special deals. Explain the discounts or promotions you have during special seasonal sales events.
  3. Share your thoughts on the products you sell. Demonstrate your commitment to helping shoppers discover the right product for their needs by offering detailed product reviews. If you're linking to products on third-party sites for financial benefit, be sure to follow Google’s guidelines on paid links.
  4. Encourage customer feedback. Allow ratings and reviews from customers to assist potential shoppers in gaining a better understanding of your products.
  5. Enhance your catalog. Offer detailed product descriptions that align with the search terms shoppers use when looking for products. Additionally, include category descriptions to address broader queries.
  6. Explore learning options. Inform your customers about workshops or lessons you offer to boost interaction. For instance, a cake shop might host a cake decorating class, especially if it sells cake decorations. Check out "Get your event on Google" for structured data to enhance event visibility.
  7. Go live and connect with your customers through interactive streams. Showcase your products, provide usage tips, and answer live questions to engage with your audience.
  8. Build customer trust with clear communication. Outline your return and shipping policies, including any discounts based on order size. Also, emphasize your customer support contact points for enhanced assistance.

In a nutshell, the more information you give search engines about your products, the easier it becomes to connect with the right people. It's like having a translator who speaks Google's language perfectly, making sure your voice is heard loud and clear. So, shine on and let your business steal the show.