Olivia Armistead


Feb 15, 2023
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SKUTOPIA is thrilled to introduce our rebrand today! It's been a long time coming and we can't wait to show it off. Our new brand marks a new chapter for SKUTOPIA, one that promises growth, innovation and change.

Welcome to the SKUNIVERSE; with a focus on the future, our new identity is hyper-modern, colourful and forward-thinking. Our rebrand is the result of an evolution that will lead to great change, and we welcome you to join us on this journey. Together we can reinvent the shipping and fulfillment industry! We look forward to working with you and continuing to deliver great service. Let’s make progress together in the SKUNIVERSE.

Why We Chose To Rebrand

We wanted to reinvigorate our brand so that potential clients would be intrigued by our bold identity and want to learn more about us. We want to be known as an iconic, recognisable and superior fulfillment platform for retailers who prioritise efficiency and great customer service, so it was crucial that our branding communicated this mission statement clearly.

Our Brand Values

We are customer obsessed 

Straight Up: We’re straight shooters. Everything we say and do is clear, transparent and truthful.

Curious: We pursue knowledge, question everything and don’t settle until we find the right solutions.

Accessible: With SKUTOPIA, no business is left behind. We deliver world-class fulfillment solutions for merchants of every size.


We Don't Do Things By Halves

Daring: We’re not afraid of getting noticed. We fearlessly shake up the industry and challenge the status quo.

Smart: In both intellect and appearance. We do our research, and we always put our best foot forward.

Ambitious: Our big dreams are made possible through passion, determination and motivation to succeed.

We're Contemporary & Cutting Edge

Forward Thinking: From our robotics to our software, we invest in the best technology and people today to help our customers scale tomorrow. 

Trailblazing: We’re 100% committed to changing the industry. We’re making active efforts to be climate positive while scaling our business.

Scientific: SKUTOPIA is setting a revolutionary new industry standard for technology. Every single aspect of our fulfillment and shipping ecosystem is data backed.

Our Logo & Icon

We’re an ambitious business with our sights set on revolutionising the order fulfillment industry, through world-class technology, sustainable processes and brave choices. We’re building a business of the future – one that’s smart, sustainable and uncomplicated. Our new logo represents our pioneering approach to fulfillment. The design of our brand icon is inspired by a cube and package shape, representing the ecommerce industry.

Colour Palette & Graphics

SKUTOPIA is leading the way in revolutionary new standards for shipping and fulfillment. We’re confident in our technology and our people; when it comes to our brand, we realised there was a need for evolution, change and boldness.

Our new flexible set of graphics act as visual portals into the SKUNIVERSE, representing the unique marriage of human innovation with artificial intelligence. Our eye-catching colour palette comes together to create unique gradients of neons and pastels, a symbol of balance, fluidity and change.


Rounding off the visual elements is our new brand font ‍Proxima Nova, chosen to communicate modernity, trust and ease - all key aspects of the SKUTOPIA brand.

Final Thoughts

We proudly stand by our rebrand as a way of communicating the message that SKUTOPIA is leading the way in innovative shipping and fulfillment technology. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our rebrand and invite you to join us on a journey of progress, invention and evolution. Let’s move forward together as we continue to evolve and make change in the shipping and fulfillment industry. 

Here at SKUTOPIA, re-invention never stops!