Robotic Fulfillment

Say goodbye to staff shortages, expensive rent and slow order dispatch

Our urban robotics micro fulfillment centres help businesses reduce manual labour, better forecast costs, and manage demand with ease. Powered by our own software platform, world-class AI and machine learning technology, they’re revolutionising order fulfillment and 3PL operation globally.

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Keen to scale, fast?

Managing varying demand, peak periods and staffing in today’s labour shortage can make scaling your business tough. Let SKUTOPIA Robotic Fulfillment do all the hard work for you, so you’re set up to grow quickly without the financial risks.

Want to cut costs?

Inconsistent courier costs and fluctuating wages and rents can make forecasting accurately impossible. SKUTOPIA Robotic Fulfillment offers a flat rate per order from $3.95, so you’re not over-paying rent in slow periods or wages in peak periods.

Need time back?

Fulfilling orders yourself isn’t just expensive, it’s a poor use of your precious time. Leave order fulfillment to the experts and focus on what’s important – growing your business.

SKUTOPIA Robotic Fulfillment

Increase product margins

Let us take care of the big investment. Without fixed fulfillment costs such as warehouse rent and staff salaries, you’re free to flex, grow and scale your order fulfillment with ease. Our costs are capped per order regardless of demand, so you’re not wasting money and can forecast and plan your fulfillment cost per order.

Dispatch orders within minutes

We live in the NOW generation. Customers want speed, accuracy, and dependability in today's fast-paced digital economy. Make sure you get your orders fulfilled right the first time, every time with our ‘within minutes dispatch’, enabled by SKUTOPIA’s world-class technology.

Deliver precise, competitive service

Our Robotic Fulfillment facilities guarantee your business a competitive edge, by ensuring orders are picked, packed and delivered to the speed, precision, and reliability that your customers expect.

Don’t spend millions on automation, when you can access a flat rate per order from $3.95 with SKUTOPIA.

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