Same Day Delivery

Keep customers happy with guaranteed Same Day and Next Day Delivery

Don’t make your customers wait for their orders. SKUTOPIA NOW offers a premium Same Day and Next Day Delivery guarantee at an affordable price.

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Need to cut costs?

Getting orders to your customers fast shouldn’t break the bank. Our high-density routes and world-class software capabilities ensure we provide a premium delivery service from just $12.50 per order.

Keen to go the extra mile?

Impress your customers with professional uniformed delivery drivers, a low impact electric fleet and a great customer experience.

Want to keep customers informed?

Our real time live tracking, driver chat and SMS notification ensure your deliveries are successful and your customers are satisfied.

SKUTOPIA Same Day Delivery

Ship orders quickly and cost effectively

Ultra-fast, efficient delivery wins more customers than discounted prices. Enhance the speed and experience of your last mile delivery using SKUTOPIA Same Day and grow your business with happy, returning customers, in a way you can afford.

Leave a lasting positive impression of your business

Our sophisticated software, multiple runs per day, dedicated fleet and large area coverage enables us to guarantee Same Day Delivery, so you and your customers can rest assured that orders are in safe hands.

Increase your shopping cart conversion rate

Offering Same Day and Next Day shipping leads to an up to 25% improvement in cart conversions. With SKUTOPIA's flexible Same Day Delivery service, expanding your customer base and selling more products is made easy.

Keep communication lines open

Knowing the estimated or guaranteed delivery date is important for online shoppers, so we built SKUTOPIA Same Day with this in mind. Delight your customers with our full transparency tracking and communication features. When customers need an order quickly, our real time driver chat and predictive ETA features with live tracking links will keep them informed.

SKUTOPIA Same Day and Next Day Delivery, a professional, industry-standard order fulfillment solution that delights customers and helps you grow.

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