Operational Excellence Team

Our growth team is a cross-functional group of individuals who are focused on driving user growth and identifying effective growth strategies to continually improve consumer engagement.

Who we are

At SKUTOPIA, our cross-functional growth team is organised into smaller teams that focus on specific areas of growth; sales, digital marketing, SEO, social media and event management. Each of these teams is composed of team members with diverse skill sets in their respective areas, allowing them to operate independently and efficiently. This structure allows our growth team to tackle a variety of projects and make decisions without the need for political maneuvering.

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Understanding our goals

Ultimately, the goal of our growth team is to identify and capitalise on opportunities for growth in order to drive the SKUTOPIA’s success. Our growth team work together to experiment with marketing and advertising campaigns, explore new business opportunities, and analyse customer data to identify trends and insights that inform decision making.

What our Head of Operations Says

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How we hire

1. Apply

Tell us what you will bring to our team and community. If you have most of the skills but not quite all, we encourage you to apply.

2. Initial Call

We’ll get to know you and your passions and experience, typically on a remote call with one-to-two people from SKUTOPIA.

3. Interview

Here’s when we get into the good stuff! We want to see how you think and respond to situations. Great candidates have done their research and will focus on the impact they’ve delivered in past roles. You may want to present past work – we love to see an outcome! – and come prepared with questions for us too. Your interview may include a role-based task that’s designed as an opportunity to showcase your talent. Your interview panel will include 2-3 people, including the hiring manager.

4. Meet the team

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a cross-section of potential colleagues throughout the process and understand their perspectives and how your role fits into the bigger picture.

5. Offer

If it’s green lights from us and you, you’ll receive an offer subject to two successful references.

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